Using REC from Library

Hello alltogether,
I have a problem when I try to use a REC from ab library.
When I start with a new Capella Project and try to import a REC from a Lib everything seems OK:
But after a fragmentation of the model (5 fragments: OA, SA, LA, PA, EPBS) some elements become orange and there is no project explorer on the right side to assign the elements to a location…?
So - how can I use Libraries and REC/RPL with fragmented models?
[Capella 1.2.0 - win64]
Kind regards

Hi Richard,
This looks like a bug. Would you be able to file an issue in the Capella bug tracker?
https:// Capella&resolution=—
Once done, we will talk to the Capella development team about it.

Ok, I’ve created a bug-report:
ticket 2107

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