Using features field

Some questions or remarks about filling out “features” in any item in model:
“Features” is available in mass editing view, but the multi-selector does not respond. The documentation wizards (4 tabs) does not content the field, then you have to go to “semantic” or “expert” part of properties to document.
You do it through the multi-selector, which opens a list of enumeration value types, without tree view, in which all values are mixed together.
How to make appear at list the type to which value belong to?
Is there any plan to solve mass edition?
My plan was to use this to set the kind: signal/parameter-instance number/value of EI, EIE and classes, or develop a second modeling mode to set physical domain of these items (today, I use property value group/property value)
Purpose is to check final reference of each EI to signals, and to check consistency EI domain to physical link nature (category), including intermediate allocations (functional and component exchanges).
Thanks for any info or idea
Thierry Poupon

Edit one: the value list includes the progress status values.