Using Capella Library and consuming logic functions on a project

Hi everyone,

I use currenly Capella V6.0.

As part of a project, I used a library to describe the logical layer that is imported into a project.
The objects (components and logical functions) created in the library are well exposed in Read Only in the final Capella project and I manage to integrate them into the diagrams.
Only, I can’t create functional chains specific to Components and Functional Exchanges (objects) from the library in the project.

We can do that directy into the library, but that’s not what is desired because it’s not the same managers who are in charge of defining the details of the scenarios (customer vs supplier).
We only want to consume the Logical Functions to enrich the description level at the logical level.

I don’t think it’s relevant to create model elements that are lost during a next library import.

Have you ever encountered this problem and found a solution?

Thank you for your support .