User requirements import

Using Capella, you can:

  • Create a “Requirements Package” element from each phase of the architecture ;
  • Create “Requirements” inside this package ;
  • Allocate “Requirements” on elements using contextual menu > “Wizards” > “Requirement Manager”
    For now, it is not possible to “import” external definition of requirements in Capella.

I would be very interested in knowing more about that. The ReqCycle solution seems very promising to me.

Jama uses a java API based on SPring if i recall correctly; haven’t had a change to actually use the API. Is there an API doc somewhere for Capella? The user manual doesn’t have anything in it I believe?

After some tests with Capella, it is possible to perform traceability and impact analysis between a Capella architecture model, ReqIF requirements, Doc…
A 0.8 version of ReqCycle is under analysis by eclipse foundation, if you desire an evaluation version or technical advices about ReqCycle, please let me know.
Best regards
Guillaume (ReqCycle contributor)

You’re right, the user manual will not describe these API: it’s end-user oriented.
There is no API Documentation available yet, this work is still in progress.
But, if you’re familiar with the usage of EMF style APIs, you should easily be able to read a capella model.
If you want to use a specific Capella feature, don’t hesitate to ask us through this forum.
Best regards,

I’m trying to test Capella 1.0, in order to see if it could match with our
needs for functional modeling. One of them is linking Capella to another
requirement tool like Reqcycle.
I saw that last discussion about this subject dates from June 2015.
Would you mind telling me if it is possible or not for the current version
of Capella?

is there any progress with the requirement import of ReqIf-data?
Kind regards

Yes, there is! The team has spent the last 3-4 weeks working on the topic and a beta version should be available for download in the next few days on the Polarsys/Eclipse servers. A first official version will be made officially available on the Capella website with the next minor version of Capella (end of 1st semester probably).

Thank you - sounds good.
Will the beta be publicly available?

Yes it will!

Good morning everyone,
I am very interesting with this topic but I have a problem:
My DOORS version is not the lastest one (9.3 instead of 9.6) so i cannot import a ReqIf file from DOORS to Capella.
So do you have any information about it ?
Otherwise, I am trying to do it internally with the Requirement Pkg, but I think this is not the best way to manage User Requirements, problem with the transition between each layers…
thanks for your help

I have no particular information about the ability of each Doors version regarding the production of ReqIf files.
But ReqIf is a standard and I believe there are a few tools that allow for example to generate ReqIf files based on Excel for example.
The current Capella ReqIf import requires one specific attribute (PUID) but this limitation will be removed in the coming weeks.
You can create your requirements in Capella (preferably using the dedicated add-on we are talking about on this thread) but the question is: in your global engineering scheme, where is the reference for requirements? Would it be in Capella? Or would you only have a “copy” of the requirements in Capella?

Thanks for your answer.
Indeed, this is my main question, As I can’t use my DOORS version with Capella (because the ReqIf export is only available from the version 9.5), I don’t know what is the best solution for me to manage my User Needs.
So that’s why I wanted to have some feedback about the
“Requirement Pkg” available in Capella. If it’s useful, if it is used by some companies, if it’s easy to manage the requirements among the different layers in Capella etc…

It really depends on the amount of requirements you are managing. Capella is not a requirement management tool, I guess you are aware you would not have the same features in Capella than in Doors. If you need to related your user requirements to things that are not in Capella (V&V procedures, JIRA defects, etc.) than you will not be able to do that from Capella.
If ever these are not issues, then yes, you can use Capella as a reference for your requirements. You will be able to create traceability between requirements and model elements as well as traceability between requirements in different engineering perspectives.
But in that case, you should still use the dedicated Requirement add-on because the native Requirement elements in Capella are obsolete. See the documentation of the add-on:
Capella provides “native” requirements elements(Right click, Add Element “Requirement Package”), but there is no relation with the Requirement add-on. In a next Major Release (not planned yet), these “native” requirements will be removed from Capella and migrated to this new Viewpoint requirements through a dedicated migration tooling and, then, no more available within Capella core.

Hello Stephane,
Concerning the future migration tool dedicated to requirements (from “native” to viewpoint), I would like some informations if possible.
((It is still easier for us to import requirements from excel to “native elements” because of the simplicity of the old artefact compared to the new one.
Besides we tried the ReqIf import but Doors users did not work well enough to have a proper requirement understable hierarchy in the model after import.))
That is why I would like to know which Id I should put in the Id attribute of the ‘native’ requirement element? Is it the Doors Id or Company Internal Id?
The goal is, once we will migrate requirement with your dedicated tool, the req if import recognize req already present in the model with the reqif diff/merge import.
Hope to be clear enough.
Thanks for your support,
King regards,

Hi Ronan,
There is no migration tool planned to migrate “old native” requirements to the new “add-on” ones.
This means either you will have to develop this migration for your own usage either funding will have to be found…

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