User function breakdown

I am new to Capella and I just ran into a problem.
After creating a system function in a SAB diagram and allocating it to an actor, I can not break it down in a SFBD diagram nor can I add other system fonctions inside of it.
In the project explorer the function apears as a blue SF as it is allocated to an actor.
(I can create the SFBD diagram but I can’t add new functions to it)
In the In-Flight Entertainement System example, there are system functions alocated to actors that apear as green SF and that can be breaked down.
Could someone explain me how to do that ?
(this is using Capella 1.4.1)

I believe this is a (pretty annoying) regression of the 1.4.x version. Hopefully this will be corrected in 1.4.2.
This is a simple workaround: select a merge or split function instead of a standard function (you need to expand the tool in the palette) and it should work. Then, you can open the properties of the function and switch it back to standard.

So I just tried using the split function but I have the same problem, when I turn it back into a standard function it still shows the blue SF and can’t be broken down.
While I was fiddling I discovered that I could move functions in the project explorer and put them under my actor function, then by changing the allocation I could mimic adding the function. I now have actor functions under actor functions.
It still isn’t what I saw in the IFE example and it’s a little tedious but I can know generate a breakdown of the function.
Do you think this will work correctly when transitioning to Logical architecture?

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