Update REC from selected RPL in another project

Hello Capellers,
Here is the simple use case related to my question :

  • I have defined REC1 in ‘MyCapellaLibrary’ library.
  • I have instanciated a RPL1 of REC1 in ‘MyCapellaProject’ project.
  • I change RPL1
  • I try the ‘Update REC from selected RPL’ command on RPL1
    The merge window is properly displayed, I can accept the change.
    But in the end, the REC is not updated.
    When I do the same change in the ‘MyCapellaLibrary’, then the REC is correctly updated.
    Here is my question : is it possible to update a REC from a RPL in two different projects?
    I can understand that it may be ‘dangerous’ to update a (shared) library from a project that is using it but I am in a case where that would help!
    Best regards,

Are you referencing your library in Read-Write mode?

Of course not…
And it works fine when I do.
I’m glad to contribute to the “Capella for dummies” list of questions …

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