TwinOps and Capella

SEI Carnegie Mellon just published their TwinOps report ( TwinOps: Digital Twins Meets DevOps ) showing results from a 12 month project using MBSE for Cyber-Physical systems. They used Eclipse with SySML/UML but no mention of Capella :-/ Any thoughts ideas about using Capella/Arcadia in the TwinOps world?

What are the challenge and questions you have with using Capella/Arcadia in a DevOps environment/way?

Some links that may give you ideas:

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Hello @dbhatia !
Very interesting research paper here! Thank you for sharing it.
I make an attempt to answer your question. After reading this paper, I would say they have just not mentionned Capella because it was not considered in the scope of the study.
Looking at the SensorProcessing IoT demonstrator and also all the tools requirements to integrate a ModDevOps process, I would say Capella is also a good candidate as

  • it provides built-in integration with Git and Gitlab so it can be part of your CI/CD pipeline
  • you can have code generation capabilities especially focusing on framework, middleware and SW component interfaces (we have such capabilities in my company)
  • it can be extended with simulation and code generation tools such as Simulink or Modelica (I have demonstrated such capabilities in this webinar: What if you could simulate your Capella model ? | Thales | Capella Webinar - YouTube)

Hence I would guess Capella is not mentionned because it has not been in the scope of the study at the very beginning.

Best regards,
Pierre Nowodzienski

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Thanks for the quick responses. Now had a chance to watch the videos.

Yeah appears as though with the Eclipse IDE you can basically plug-in whatever you want. So you could develop your own toolchain using third party applications e.g. Matlab. As long as they support whatever is needed in the IDE…

Still you need to build your own tool chain and integrate which is a considerable effort (especially for safety critical Cyber-Physical systems)…