Trouble installing Gendoc/Capella addon

Florent R. wrote on Mon, 06 June 2016 07:40
I use the latest version of Capella (1.0.2) and whenever I try to install the Gendoc add-on I get this error :
Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
Software being installed: EGF Model Edit 1.3.0.v20151127-1606 ( 1.3.0.v20151127-1606)
Missing requirement: EGF Model Edit 1.3.0.v20151127-1606 ( 1.3.0.v20151127-1606) requires ‘ [1.3.0.v20151127-1606]’ but it could not be found"
I have followed the tutorial (update site) and already installed other add-on (Subsystem, Viewpoints etc…)
Does anyone have a clue to solve this error ?
Same problem here.

I still haven’t found the solution.
Here is my config if it can help :

Found a workaround here:

  1. Use (add) Eclipse Neon update site when installing a new software:
  2. Look for EGF (you can use the “type filter here” field:
    –> Modelling->EGF SDK
  3. Install EGF SDK.
    NEON is using EGF version 1.4.0, but it seems to be ok.
  4. After install it, use XHTML update-site package, and install the other packages (doesn´t need to install EGF now).
    I did it with Capella 1.0.0, but it should work too with 1.0.2 (will try it later).
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