Traceability in between the system phases

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One small question, it is stated in the book “Model-Based System and Architecture Engineering with the Arcadia Method” that for each scenario and functional chain associated with a capacity identified in the needs Analysis (SA), functional chains and scenarios should be also defined in the LA, taking those defined in the SA into consideration."
This is well acknowledged, but does the Capella Tool has a way to generate such traceability Matrix in between the functional chains identified in the SA and the ones coming from the LA (after structural analysis) ?
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Up to now, it is only possible to create a traceability matrix between functions:
It will be a good idea to add functional chain to this kind of table.
However, please know that the realization link is implemented for functional chains also:
This mean that even if the pre-defined tables do not include traceability between functional chains up to now, you are already able to define the traceability between functional chains and to generate such tables by other means (data extraction, documentation generation…)

Thanks a lot for your prompt answer
I will try as suggested
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