Tool Review Capella


For my masters dissertation I’m gathering evaluations of Capella. It would be a great help if you could in the following questionnaire: Microsoft Forms

Thank you very much!


I myself did a masters dissertation around MBSE, so I understand you need to gather responses however I think more guidance is needed.

  • Is 1 high or low? Is 5 high or low?
  • For those of us not familiar with ESA standards… certain questions are difficult.
  • Absolute values, such as delays in weeks etc arent very useful… if you have a 3 year project a 1 week delay isnt too bad. If you have a 1 month project a 1 week delay is a big slip.
  • What are we rating against? A different MBSE Tool? Standard document SE?

I think in order to get value and results that are meaningful you need to provide more context and explanation for each question. Plus, think about how this may be interpreted for a wide range of users from different industries etc.

As a result, I haven’t completed.

Hope this helps,


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Thank you very much for the reply! I understand your remarks and will give some more explanation in the form.
Thanks again


I added some information and some links that explain the ESA terms used.
If you have more remarks, please let me know!