Technological Architecture or mBOM in Capella

Another architecture type for Capella project would be helpfull.
Physical Architecture could be used to build Technological Architecture (TA) in Capella.
Physical Architecture (PA) helps specify product structure in As-Designed terms
In PLM terms PA structure defines Engineering Bill of Materials (eBOM).
Technological Architecture (TA) specify product structure As-Planned-To-Build terms
In PLM terms TA structure would define Manufacturing Bill Of Materials (mBOM)
Technological Architecture can be easialy added to Capella using CapellaStudio.
Transformation from PA to TA can be implemented using standard tool of Capella .
Below is my example of structures from LA to PA and TA.
For an example I use construction structures composed from walls and windows.
LA structure
PA structure
TA structure is composed from Technological Components (TC)
To some extend EPBS architecture could be used to restructure Physical Components in high level
Using EPBS has drawback that it helps to restructure physical components only in high level.
In TA architecture some additional details could be added in Technological Componens.
For example technological holes could be added as TC to TC obtainded fomr PC or somethink like this.
Am I correct in this?
I’ve made some experimets with TA in Capella extending Capella elements with CapellaStudio.
I also tried to use Kitalpha Transposer to implement
tranformation from PA to TA structure (with trace links and update capability)
I understand that in many cases PA is the last architecture produced by engineeres.
In many cases TA is build in other tools (PLM, ERP …)
But I feel that in some cases having TA in Capella could help to plan system implementation.
What do you think about this? Is it make sense to have TA in Capella?

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