System to SubSystem Transition add-on : physical component

I used the System to SubSystem Transition add-on to extract a sub system from a PA Node (Physical Component). The allocated function of the realized physical component are availiable in LA and SA levels, but not available in PA level? The figure linked bellow explains more precisely my problem.
Also, I was not expecting to find my physical component as my Logical and System component, but their “mother” component. Can anyone give me some details about the philosophy around this?
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Hi Nesrine,
The philosophy of this transition from PA to SA-LA-PA is to fill the target SA phase with the external interfaces and functions selected from the source model as a “contract” of the behiour of the sub-system. The target LA phase is filled with logical components corresponding to the behaviour components of the source model and the system functions are realized as logical functions and allocated to that components. The target LA phase is filled with PA Nodes corresponding to the source PA Nodes.
Once the target model is initialized, the architect can refine, in LA, the Functions and Logical Components to better describe its model. Then he can perform a transition to create the Physical Functions and Behaviour Components in PA phase and allocate them to the PA Nodes.
If I’m not clear enough, feel free to continue the discussion
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To complete Olivier’s answer, I would say there are two main strategies.
Either you only initialize the SA level of the subsystem. This means the team in charge of the subsystem design is completely free to architectural design of the subsystem.
Either you want to enforce that the first level of architectural design you built at system level is respected by the subsystem. In that case, you will also initialize the LA-PA of the subsystem.
You can specify this behaviour in the Preferences, alongside with other fine-tuning options for the transition.

Hi Olivier, Hi Stephane,
Thank you for your answers. I’ll get bac to the topic for additional questions in needed
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