Synchronization between SDFB and Exchange Scenario?


I am using Capella version 6.1 and I have a question on the System Analysis level about the SDFB and the Exchange Scenarios (ES): Is it possible to synchronize these two diagrams?

To create a functional chain (FC), I do it on the SDFB and each FC corresponds to an ES.

However, as soon as I want to modify a FC in the SDFB (adding a block, for example), the ES doesn’t update, which is very inconvenient for large operational scenarios.

Here are the steps I take to create the ES from an FC:

  • In Project Explorer, right-click on the FC - Transitions - Functional Chain to Functional Scenario Initialization
  • A scenario [FS] is created
  • Still in Project Explorer, right-click on the [FS] - Transitions - Function Scenario to Exchange Scenario Initialization
  • The [ES] scenario is created

*By the way, in the ES, I have to manually allocate functions for each entity…

Thank you in advance for your help!

Corentin C.

Hi @CorentinC,

The short answer is no. Scenarios are not synched, hence, any changes in the model will not be reflected in any Scenarios diagrams, that is and for:

  • Operational Analysis: Operational Activities and Entities Scenarios.
  • System Analysis, Logical and Physical Architecture: Functional and Entity Scenarios.

This could be a good feature to consider in future developments.

I hope that helps,
Hélder Castro

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