After an SVN update, it is impossible de reopen my project. I had the following message:
lineNumber: 18287; columnNumber: 2; Le contenu des éléments doit inclure un balisage ou des caractères au format correct.
Some had already get this problem?

Hi Jean-François,
It seems you had conflicts during the SVN update. I assume that the files have been merged between local and remote modifications. This results in an invalid file (poorly formed XML) that must be manually corrected.
And, as correcting files manually is probably impossible for a lambda engineer, you will probably have to recover the remote versions (and lose the local changes)…

Thank you Samuel
It seems I need to learn about how to use SVN efficently
Maybe use lock / unlock functions before make a modification. Or others to manage conflict.
Is there a user manuel avalaible?

Hi Jean-François,
Capella documentation includes a section describing version control with Git (Capella Guide/User Manual/Version Control with GIT). I don’t think there is equivalent documentation for SVN.