States in Modes

But I find that in Capella, I can’t define one state machine and one mode machine for one given component at the same time. Nor can I define several different mode/state machines.
So is it a tool’s issue? Or do I miss something in Capella ?
Thank you

You cannot create several mode / state machine under a component using the activity explorer.
However, you can do it from the Capella project explorer.
For this, select the component for which you want to define the new mode / state machine, then right click, Add Capella Element, State Machine
Then you need to select the Default Region under the new state machine and create a new diagram with right click, New Diagram / Table…, Mode State Machine
Using this tip you can define one state machine and one mode machine, or several state/mode machine for one component.

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Thank you for your reply!
By the way, it is not that straightforward. I hope it can merge into activity explorer someday.
Best regards

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