(SLS) Display the workflow of my custom activity explorer

I’m developing a custom activity explorer plugin on capella studio 1.2.1 for capella 1.2.1/1.3.1. I’m testing it with the play button in capella studio and everything is working well, but when i’m exporting it in .jar, copy/paste it in the plugins folder in capella, and launch my capella 1.2.1 to testing it, nothing is displayed in the workflow tab.
So i checked what it came from, and it came from the plugin. I came back to capella studio, I checked the dependencies, extensions, build, manifest and plugin.xml tabs but I didn’t find any error.
Everything is working well when I test it in Capella Studio but when I test it in Capella, nothing is displayed in the workflow tab.
I don’t know where the problem come from. If anyone has a clue or a solution, it would be very useful.

I’ve resolved my problem thank you for your help.

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