Sirius Widget creation issue within Capella Studio

In the process of creating a Capella viewpoint with KitAlpha I had the need to create a new Sirius custom widget. I am using Capella Studio 1.3.1.
To achieve it I need to use Eclipse EEF’s lifecycle manager provider extension point. My issue arises when I try to add the extension org.eclipse.eef.ide.ui.eefLifecycleManagerProvider in a newly created plug-in project. It is not listed as an available extension point and when I try adding it manually in the plugin.xlm (as per the Sirius tutorial - erties_provide_custom_widget_basic.html) I end up having the following warning: “No schema found for the ‘org.eclipse.eef.ide.ui.eefLifecycleManagerProvider’ extension point”.
I checked my installation folder’s plugins and found the required JAR and even opened it to ensure the extension point is correctly defined. It indeed is correctly defined, so much so that in the Plug-In development view I can find the plug-in org.eclipse.eef.ide.ui and see that the eefLifecycleManagerProvider extension point is correctly defined in the Extension Points tab.
I tried doing the exact same thing in an eclipse photon installed and I managed to add the extension point to a new plug-in project.
I have no idea why this extension point is not recognized and would be grateful if anyone could help me solve this issue out.

Hi Paul,
It seems you’re trying to create a new EEF 2 widget.
However, EEF 2 isn’t included in Capella Studio.

Thanks, Samuel for the quick answer.
Is there any way I can create Sirius compatible plug-ins without EEF 2 ? My goal is to use some in Sirius’ custom widgets from properties view modeller in the odesign files.

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