Showing Relationships Between Properties

I am trying to establish how Capella can create relationships between property values. Take the example of a Laptop being the system. At the System Architecture Level, I would create a property for the system which describes its life, for example the property would have the name ‘Laptop Life Expectancy’ and may have a value of say 5 years.
Once this system is broken down, you may start to see individual components such as the keyboard, screen etc at the Physical Architecture level. For the keyboard, I may assign a property to it called ‘wear rate’. The wear rate of the keyboard is related to the life expectancy of the laptop, how do I show that these two properties effect eachother? I know that I can type in the description boxes in the property window of the property values, and then link other property values to the description box, but is there a way to show this relationship without using the description box?
Furthermore, particularly complex architectures can be split between different models/projects to keep it manageable. Is there a way to show the relationship between property values described above if the properties you’re trying to create a relationship between are in different projects? i.e. if for some reason the keyboard now needed its own project to model in, can I relate the ‘wear rate’ property value in this project to the ‘Laptop Life Expectancy’ property in another project?

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