Showing/Hiding Functional Chain Highlight in xAB Diagrams

Curious if there is functionality to show/hide the functional chain path within a xAB diagram while keeping the functional chains shown on the diagram.
I have a overview Architecture diagram with about a dozen different functional chains, i would love to be able to show/hide the functional chain path while still showing explicitly the available functional chains for the diagram - it feels like from a UI perspective, clicking the box preceding the Functional Chain name would do that but I am having no luck.

Probably does not fullfill your need, but worth mentionning here that you could use the “Insert/Remove Functional Chains” tool from the Palette to select which functional chain you want to display on your diagram.
Makes also the functional chain name and icon disappear though.

Thanks Mathias - that is the workaround I am using currently. It has been helpful with certain diagrams & reviews with other teams to be able to discuss certain chains in diagrams instead of all of them. Just a thought for a cool improvement :slight_smile:

Hi Brandon,
I concur with Mathias, the “Insert/Remove Functional Chains” tool from the Palette is the closets way to show/hide functional chains right now, but it would also hide the “available functional chains” in the diagram.
One thing you could do is to use the mass view to send your functional chains, so you would see them at the bottom of your screen while working on your diagram. But this is quite manual I feel it is still better to open the insert/remove tool when you want to see all available functional chains.
Also, you may want to have a look at this message on the forum: (sorry it is a google cache page as the old forum is gone for the moment). This is not exactly what you’re looking for but is an alternative approach to working with functional chains.
And I recommend you watch this webinar on functional chains if you did not already, it is actually providing a demo of what Stephane is suggesting in his forum message, but will also give you quite a complete view of what you can do with functional chains.
What you are suggesting would indeed be a nice improvement to Capella!
All the best,