Sequence Diagrams cannot be created

Start working with Capella i got a Problem with the generation of Sequence Diagrams.
From the system viewpoint i cannot create any kind of sequence diagram. (e.g. ES, FS, etc.)
Only OAS and OES diagrams are working.
With the request for some help.

Could you tell us what version of Capella do you have?
Moreover, do you see errors in the “Error Log” view (Window / Show View / Other… then find Error Log)?
If so, could you send us the details of the errors?

i am working with Version 1.1.2. The Error Logs are empty after trying to create a diagram.
The semantic element “scenario” is always created only the diagram fails.

Are you using some add-ons or viewpoint?
Do you have the same issue with a new Capella Project?
What version of Java are you using?
(you can find it in Help / Installation Details then looking for java.version in the Configuration tab)

thanks for your prompt reply.
Actually i have some viewpoint plug-ins in my dropin folder but they are all unreferenced.
The problem also occurs when i create a new capella project.

Sorry but I have no clue of what can be your problem…
You can try to create the diagram directly from the Project Explorer by right click on the “scenario” semantic element, then New Diagram / Table and choose the kind of diagram you want to create:
Else, you can try to upgrade to Capella 1.2.0 and see if the problem persists (even if you should not have this issue with Capella 1.1.2).

I had the same problem.
Context menu on *.aird >
Viewpoints selection
Common solved my problem.
Scenario diagrams seem to be part of the “Common” viewpoint.
Same for
Functional Chain Description diagrams.

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