Separating exchanges

After meeting I had to change the nature of some exchange items from digital to analog. They are conveyed by 2 functional exchanges, which I changed category (These FE do not allocate any others). These FE are allocated to a component exchange set to represent digital exchanges, so I decided to split and create a second, move the allocation, and run again scenario transformation since ES-functional. No new interface was created, then I removed the concerned EIs from the current interface, I had to kill all IS and ES-B scenarios using same EIs: ES Behavorial use the new component exchange, but the modified EIs are back to original interface, required and offered by original component ports… and my new component exchange is still allocating the FE…
Last option is to create manually the new interface, and all the links… At the end I want to get a physical link like “CAN” and another like “Wires” to support exchanges.
Does someone has an idea about what I missed?
Thierry Poupon

Edit: I just found the trace set by Capella when transforming scenarios… but some links are never undone manually, and this one is hiding underneath, in very technical place. Some other are like this : allocation of exchange items to interface: removal is manual, and it kills the exchange item name… To me the interface shall not allocate any useless EI, because this produces over specification, so you have to think about this. Personally, I managed to export some data to check this. But in all exports I do, for some I need to select items in small groups to send them in the vizualisation view. Each session exit kills the view, so you have tomorrow to select again. My biggest selection work lasts about 2 hours! (15 matrixes) This situation is for me one of the biggest concerns against Capella.
Thanks for any attention, remark, information

Thierry Poupon