Semantics for a function in Capella

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if in Capella there was way to represent functions with inter-functional exchanges i.e. a function that would have an exchange to itself, but technically to an another instance of it.
Something like this,
When modelling systems on physical layer, you might have some functions coming from logical layer which are instantiated several times in different systems on the physical layer and might need some exchange between them

Hi. You may want to take a look to the REC/RPL mechanism: [HOW TO] Replicate model elements in Capella - YouTube

Thanks for the reply!
REC/RPL does allows you to create several instances of the same function/component, but does not provide a semantic like a function having an exchange to itself.
Even during REC/RPL you would need to create new exchanges between the two instances and it is not semantically provided.

If functions are instantiated in different systems, they are not “the same” :wink:

I would say that what you want to model is a pattern. You could create a view in your model that is dedicated to the representation of the pattern. Something such as:


Right, they are not technically not same within the systems, just different instances of of the same function.
A pattern might do it!

May a little more clarity on what we are looking to achieve using this inter instance connections. The objective here is to find a suitable way to cascade some exchanges up/down within an architecture which is divided into layers (not referring to Capella layers here) without creating new functions.
Something like this,

Hence I thought some inter instance exchanges can help us achieve this.

On the one hand it is clear that we need a pattern, but on the other hand is there also a possibility to use functions like route or gather to achieve this objective?