Search Capella model based on an element's ID?

We are experiencing an error within a model per the Error Log (something about unresolved reference) and the log provides the offending element’s ID value (eg Id “49b7b782-a7cb-483a-85f8-f451d760a3e0”). Is it possible to search with the Capella workbench for this model element based on the unique ID? We need to find a way to isolate and correct the error situation as it’s preventing us from exporting the model to our TeamForCapella repository.

You can find it by selecting the root element, opening the view “Interpreter” (Go to Window/Show views/Other…) and in the expression field you can enter: aql:self.eAllContents()->select(elt | = ‘49b7b782-a7cb-483a-85f8-f451d760a3e0’)
This will show you in the Evaluation Result the corresponding element. Furthermore, if you enter the displayed label in the “Capella Project Explorer” search textfield (and press enter), it will filter the project down to this element.
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