Scenario diagrams between NodePCs


I would like to create a scenario diagram at physical layer, to show the exchanges between NodePCs either in a exchange diagram [ES] or in a interface diagram [IS], just to display the data that are exchanged between NodePCs. But I have some difficulties to easily perform scenario diagrams to display the exchanges between NodePCs.

(Regarding my architecture, I have already created all the physical architecture in PAB, with NodePCs and Physical Links between them.)

The problem is that for exchange diagram [ES] I cannot create functional exchange between NodePC because it is impossible (work with behaviorPC as functions are allocated to it).

And for interface scenario [IS], it is possible to create sequence message between NodePC, only If i have already created an interface element before in the model. But, then so if I do that, I have to create almost every time a new interface element in a CDB diagram before creating an exchange item in a interface scenario. Or, I could allocate all the exchange items to the same interface but the capella database would not be really usable…

What it the best way to simply perform scenario diagrams between NodePCs at physcial layer please ?


@Edgar_Sevestre I think you’ve actually answered your own question. Node Components are just “hosting” structures for behavioural components, they do not have functions themselves so you cannot create a functional exchange between them.

It is possible to create an IS between nodes so long as you have previously created the interface (as you point out). In a similar fashion you could not have a functional exchange without first defining the functions.

Hierarchically that is how an Arcadia model works. The functional exchange is encapsulated within the component exchange which in turn is transported via a physical link.

Thank you for your reply.
Very clear