SA "Functional transition" causes LA duplicates issue


I am currently having a hard time with my project under Capella.
For some reasons, every time I do a “Functional Transition” from the System Architecture to the Logical Architecture, the selected functions keep on accumulating in the Logical Architecture. They show as duplicates.
Using the Semantic Browser, they appear multiple times under the “Realizing Logical Functions”.
The same goes for the Actors.

Any idea what could be the cause of it and how to remediate to this issue?

I don’t experience this, I don’t have any advice, but I experience the duplication of property value group while transitioning SFS to LFS.
I have to delete hundreds of copies… hoping not deleting the one that has traces.
Thanks for any help.

PS At the minute, two scenarios are not transitioned without explanation.
Thierry Poupon