Route and Gather functions definition inconsistent with Arcadia Method

I am a little confused regarding the icons and usage of functions of kind ROUTE and SELECT in Capella 1.2.1.
Following explanation is provided in the book ’
Model-based System and Architecture Engineering with the Arcadia Method’ from Jean-Luc Voirin, Part 3 ’
Encyclopedia of the Language and Glossary of the Concepts of Arcadia’, Section 7.6 ’
Dataflow and flow control functions’:
To specify selection of one among several potential recipients, we define a ROUTE function that transmits (most often subject to conditions) to each destination only some of the exchange items received;
To specify selection of one source among many, we define a SELECT function that directs only the elements coming from the selected source (most often subject to conditions).
It is illustrated in Figure 17.4 as follows:
However, it seems that Capella provides the opposite functionality, as described in below Capella Guide extract from the Glossary / FUNCTION (GENERIC) section.
I believe Capella shall be modified to align with Arcadia method. Can Jean-Luc Voirin, or experts of Arcadia method + Capella confirm my understanding is correct or explain why the choice for this inconsistency was made ?
Thank you!

Thank you for your answer Stephane. Can you please add a reply once you have reached a conclusion with Jean-Luc Voirin ?

Will do!

We have agreed that the fix should be in Capella. But we cannot promise a rapid correction given the current backlog.

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