Rich text in description property-> Https & Web Brower

My RichText-Widget is working - except some of the tool-bar icons are missing e.g. for “Cut” or “Copy” (but that is a know issue - see above)

Thank you for your stack traces, they will be analyzed and hopefully it will lead to fixing this issue in next Capella releases.
There is a similar known issue when dealing with libraries in readOnly access mode. But I don’t think it is you case.
Also RichText depends on Internet Explorer (IE). You may try updating IE… (normally IE version shouldn’t be a problem)

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Are you able to provide details on the IE dependency? I am interested to know how RichText would work on Linux if it is dependent on IE. I am also interested to understand which versions of IE are supported and if Edge is supported?
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I cannot reproduce the behavior. But for those which the richtext does not work on Windows 7, could you try to patch capella with the attached updatesite and try if it is work?
Try to install it on fresh installation of Capella 1.2.1.
@cartertj: Richtext does not depends on IE. We reuse Nebula Richtext component which is based on web richtext editor called CKEditor. We embed Nebula 1.2.x (I think, based on CKEditor 4.x).
For linux, I think, you maybe install Webkit library or mozilla. You can have a look to for more information.

Richtext exceptions switching resources (Capella projects or project with a referenced library) will be fixed in next 1.2.2.
Sometimes description display fails (error
this.editable) due to Internet Explorer (IE) version. It is recommended to use at least IE version 11.
With Capella 1.2.2 and in case of problems, an option will be available to disable Nebula richtext description, replaced by a simple text field to edit directly xhtml.
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For those who are using Capella on Windows and mostly Windows 7, it is recommended to have your Capella application installed with a path not too long.
Nebula rich text editor is a plug-in inside the application which contains many files underneath including HTML and Javascript files. If the installation path is already long, it will make the absolute path of the necessary files inside it too long to, which might exceed the path limitation (260 I guess) on the Windows (7).
Consequently, the script is not possible to be executed, which might explain all traces related to the evaluation of browser and eventually the problem when the editor is not properly visualized (initialized)
org.eclipse.swt.browser.WebBrowser$EvaluateFunction.function (
If you have one of those problems, please try to keep the installation path of Capella no too long.
Hope this helps!
PS: see the attached image if you’re on windows and with IE as browser.

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