Resolving conflicts / merging model versions

I understand that diffmerge comes packed with capella which I thought should give me the possibility to merge two model versions. However I can’t seem to figure out how to merge different model versions that I have checked in under my version control system (perforce). The only diff editor I get is the text compare editor which understandably is not very helpful when it comes to merging complex models. Any advice on how I can achieve collaborating with other people on models using any version control system would be highly appreciated.
Axel Thor

Have you tried the diff/merge tool? (I don’t know what you mean by ‘text compare editor’)
You can launch diff/merge tool by selecting 2 .melodymodeller, and then right-click -> Compare With -> Each other as model.
It is not perfect but still very useful !

Ahh… ok, I didn’t notice this option. This works just fine when I have two models locally and compare them using this option. My problem was when the model is checked in to our configuration management system (in our case Perforce) and I choose to compare two versions from there (right click on model -> Team -> diff against depot, or right click on model -> compare with -> previous version … etc). In that case Eclipse chooses to use text compare when comparing the model files. Also when there are conflicts when merging the model files and I choose to resolve the conflicts using Eclipse compare editor, I get the text compare editor by default.
If you have any idea on how to configure these options any advice would be appreciated.
Anyway, thanks for pointing me to the option on compare each other as models. I can use that as a workaround.

Hi Axel,
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