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Hey everyone. I am very new to MBSE and CAPELLA. I am trying to see how MBSE works and how I can implement in my workplace. I have a question regarding the requirements diagram in capella. I cannot seem to find a specific diagram related to capturing text based requirements. Although there is a requirements package option and after creating a package i try to create a requirements table. Unfortunately I cannot seem to edit the cells foe some reason. Am i missing something here? Can anyone point me in the right direction please. Thank you :slight_smile:

For using the build in requirements it sounds like you are very nearly there.
Create a Requirements Package in the Project Explorer
Then right click on the Requirements Package and under the “New diagram/Table” menu create a new “Requirements” table
Then from the Project Explorer right click on the Requirements Package and under “Add Capella Element” add a requirement of the type you want
You can do the same from inside the Requirements table - just right click on the Requirement Package icon
Once you have a requirement you will be able to edit it’s details either in the table or in the Properties panel at the bottom of the screen.
There is also the Requirements Viewpoint Plug-In (, which is worth looking at and provides another approach. It provides the ability to import Requirements from a ReqIF file. This means that you can do the management of your textual requirements in the RM tool of your choosing, then import them to Capella so they can be linked to the relevant parts of the model.
Hope that helps

Hi Abhijith,
Yes if you want to use Requirements with Capella, I strongly advise you to use the Requirements Viewpoint as the other Requirements data information is more a legacy one. With the viewpoint, you’ll be able to display requirements in any Capella diagram, see here for an example:
All the best,

Stephane, I’ve seen some forum posts about the legacy requirements tool and how it is better to ignore it and use the requirements extension.
Wouldn’t be better to just have the option of not showing any information (contextual menus, etc…) regarding the legacy implementation? I know it is probably not the fanciest development for next releases but I just wonder if you have it as some ‘improvement proposal’ for next releases (I don’t know eclipse lingo for that)

Yes you can raise a bugzilla here selecting “enhancement” for the severity:

Thank you, I’ll add it there as an idea for future developments.