Requirements Addon

I am using Capella 1.3.0 the Requirements and the PVMT Addons. Those features allows to show, as an example tracing of System functions to requirements imported in Capella with REQIF format. However, in XHTML generated documentation no textual information is generated nor hyperlinks are available for requirement shapes in diagrams. I guess that EGF tasks are missing. Howcould I start for writing a plugin providing such additional EGF tasks?
Pier Giorgio

Hello Pier Giorgio.
Please have a look to the “xhtml documentation generation” section on the Kitalpha/CTK page:
There is a “Contributive xhtml DocGen” document which explains how to contribute to the xhtml documentation generation.
You can find an example in the org.polarsys.capella.docgen plugin, “extension” directory, “indexExtension.fcore”.
This contribution is declared in the plugin.xml:

Do you plan to make this plugin freely available?

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