Requirement VP -- Requirement Module naming

Hi All,
I’m working with the ReqmtsVP importing of a ReqIF file that I have created using the ReqIF Studio editor from FormalMind. Everything is working as I desire, except I haven’t figured out how the Requirement Module name (“Specification Document”) is getting determined. I would like the flexibility to define the module name in the ReqIF file. I’ve attempted to define the ReqIF.LongName = “MySpecDocumentName” (just as an example) from within ReqIF Studio but I doesn’t translate over to Capella to the Long name field as shown in the attached screenshot when I import the ReqIF file. Nothing in my ReqIF file has defined “Specification Document” that I can find, so this default Capella Module Long name is coming from somewhere that I haven’t been able to locate.

Any insight or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



Hey Scott, I am having the same problem. Did you fix this problem?

Best Regards