Requirement tables in Capella

I would simply like to know if there is any way to get some requirement traceability tables directly in Capella > 1.3.x.
What I would like to get is a simple table containing the requirements ID/name in the first column, and the capella elements that satisfy those requirements in the second column.
Basically it would be something like that :
Reqmt | Satisfied by

REQ_1 | Node_1

REQ_2 | Function_7

REQ_3 | Functional_exchange_4
I hope that it is clear enough.
I already tried to obtain this by using the simple requirement legacy tools included in Capella, but both tables that I found useful (that are the requirement list and the requirement - system functions) do not correspond to that need, plus they are not customizable.
I then thought that something like this would be doable by using the requirement VP, but after reading all the documentation available in the help section I did not found any mention of something similar to what I’m looking for.
Is there any other way(s) to do this ? Maybe by using Mass Vizualisation tool ? Note that I do not specifically need to export this table at the end.
Thank you for reading,

Hi Pierre,
First of all, when working with Requirements and Capella, you should use the Requirement VP, as legacy requirements are… legacy.
Then indeed, you can easily get such a table using the Mass View Table and sending all your requirements to this Mass View, displaying columns “Alocated Elements” and “Alocating Elements”. Prior to doing this, you need to activate the Requirements in the Semantic Browser (“Show Requirements in the Semantic Browser”).

Thank you very much Stephane, it’s exactly what I needed.
Kind regards,

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