Reports generation from Capella models using Acelleo

It would be usefull to use Acceleo for report generation based on Capella model.
To do this the metamodel for Capella model (Ecore model) is needed.
Is it possible for developers to share this metamodel for public use or may
be some way automatically create the metamodel based on Capella model?

is there a step-by-step tutorial how to create Acceleo project in order to generate anything out of Capella project? Also, I can’t find “Model requests interpreter” in Capella 1.2.0:

Hello Jakub,
Please create new threads instead of reviving old ones when you have a question.
There are no tutorials on how to create an Acceleo project specifically for Capella, but the Capella metamodels can be used the same as any other with Acceleo. Please see the
Getting started with Acceleo guide for indications on how to start your Acceleo generators. You’ll have to select the Capella metamodels instead of UML when targetting Capella models, but the rest should be the same.
Laurent Goubet

Hello Laurent,
thanks for the info, I created a new topic here as I’m still facing some issues: 115

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