Relating functions to sequence diagrams

I’m having trouble relating functions to exchange scenarios.
If, say, I have a function and use the semantic browser then I see exchange scenarios as related diagrams. This is good.
If I then go to that exchange scenario diagram and find the same function then it is no longer the same element (although it visually appears that way). It is now a [State Fragment].
I therefore can’t use the exchange scenario diagram to visualise the attributes that relate to each function in the diagram (e.g. realizing functions, allocating components etc). I have to step out of the diagram to search for the function by name and browse the attributes separately.
Is there a way round this or have I done something wrong?

Hello Peter,
You are not doing anything wrong.
The function and the involvement of the function inside a scenario are indeed 2 different elements so that you can define specific constraints / requirements on the function in the context of the scenario.
What is currently missing, is the capability to navigate from the involvement of the function in the scenario (state fragment) back to the function.
This capability will be provided in Capella 1.3.1 (see picture enclosed)

Thanks Aurelien.

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