REF calls in diagrams: expected behaviour

I was working in a OES Diagram and set up a ref to another scenario (see image bellow).
I understand the REF box is a pointer to the scenario construct. In this way, the digital model is linked and the relationship ensured.
But, what I would like - and expect, from analogy with other tools - is that upon double click on it, I would be brought to the linked scenario OES… this would greatly improve the workflow.
Is there a way to go the the linked scenario OES in a minimum number of “hops”… or interactions?
best, ricardo


Hi Ricardo,
That would be nice indeed…
What you can do is add a “representation link” in your diagram close to the REF box and then you can navigate to the diagram when double-clicking, see image attached.
I hope it helps.


Nice hack, it works :slight_smile: thank you Stephane!

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