REC/RPL items in library/project and their Capella IDs


I would like to know if someone can resolve my question about items created in a library as a REC, and then, reuse those items in a project (with the library embedded) as a RPL.
An item in the REC (in the library) has a Capella ID, and the same item in the RPL (in the project) has another Capella ID.
I thought that both items were the same thanks to the functionality “REC/RPL” but, due to different ID´s, I found out that they are differents.

My question is: is it possible that both items have the same Capella ID and, thanks to that, both are the same item even if you look them from library side or project side?

Thanks in advance.

IDs are… IDs… so you don’t want them to be the same… There are used to identify uniquely every single model element.You’re going to run in a lot of issue if 2 elements has the same ID in your models

So, in that case, is there anyway in which a model element from a library (using REC) and another one in a model (using RPL) would be the same?
Library file and model file are independent, just library is embedeed in the model.


What do you mean by “the same”?

I mean Capella “sees” both model elements as a unique one.

I am sorry, I still don’t understand what you mean by “Capella sees both model elements as a unique one”. How would that translate in the Capella UI/Behavior?
I am also puzzled by your request: the REC/RPL is kind of an extending “copy/paste” and when you copy and paste something, you are duplicating this thing, so they are not unique by definition since you copied and paste the initial unique thing.

We are trying to link Capella with a PLM tool and use in PLM the Capella elements.
We want to use a library as a repository of modeling elements (in this case, functions) and Capella projects will use some library functions. With a reiterative perspective, projects will enrich the library and the library will be more complete thanks to projects development.
First, we share the library modeling elements to PLM and after that, we share the project modeling elements to PLM (including functions from library, among others).

Our intention is, in the PLM, functions from the library and from projects would be the same item in order to do not duplicate elements and also, regardless of where you are managing the element, you will see the same information.
We guessed that, thanks to Capella REC/RPL functionality, elements modelized in library and replicated in projects would share as a unique element (unique data).
This was not done (different elements, different IDs) and we discovered that the reason is the Capella IDs. A RPL element has a diferent ID that its REC element.

So, if matching REC/RPL ID is not possible in Capella, do you have an idea to satisfy our desire?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Miguel,

If I understand your request correctly, it seems to fit with ongoing developments on our side.

The easiest way would be to exchange directly to check this. Feel free to propose a few slots by PM



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