Python variant/version

Hi all
My organization (in fact client’s organization) will remove python 3.7 anaconda from available SW and replace by a specific custom python edition (adapted to its other tools).
Is there any chance I continue to use P4C?
Thanks for answers and advise.

Thierry Poupon

Python4Capella 1.1.0 support last versions of Python 3.10 at this moment and can be installer on Capella 1.4.2 to Capella 6.0.0. If your version of the Python interpreter is compatible it should work. But you will need to test this compatibility by yourself. If it’s not compatible and you can’t install your own Python interpreter, you could try to use an other implementation of the EASE engine like the jython engine. I’m not sure how you can install libraries in this configuration though.

You would need to get the jython engine from the EASE 0.8.0 update site and configure it with the jython jar:

Thanks for this information. When we will have the pushed change to get the custom package, I will try it. Now the SW store is delivering python 3.9 as unique version:
Is it ok for P4C 1.1, or may be I can migrate to Capella 6 without migrating P4C?
Thanks again for answers

Thierry Poupon

In order to use Python 3.9 with Python4Capella, you will need to make sure you are using EASE 0.8.0. You can update your installation using this update site:

This version of EASE is provided with Python4Capella 1.1.0 so it should be ok to update Python4Capella to 1.1.0.

Hello Yvan,
It seams that my new python does not support P4C… I have no Jython in my store.
The main difference of the new python is remove the anaconda part (present in previous 3.7)
So : is there any risk that anaconda is required?
Thierry Poupon

Edit: the question is simple: will it run without any conda.exe. If not, scritping by python is terminated for me in this project.