PVMT – way of using

Hi All,

I plan to use PVMT to capture the object properties in Capella. I found two ways of creating the Property Value structures: 1) Via Configuration PV Editor or 2) directly by right click on component, “Add Capella Element > Property Value Group”. What are advantages and disadvantages of each method?


if you want to use your properties in PVMT you have to use the PVMT PV-Editor… - I guess.

Or is it possible to use (“import”) (pre-) defined property values into PVMT?

Hi Julian,

When using PVMT editor, the properties types are associated and “automatically” propagated to every capella element which have been selected in the PVMT editor (for example, property applied for all Capella elements of type Component Exchanges). The PVMT editor also propose within the editor to associate specific styles and colors to objects according to property values. Additionnally, it is possible to define units for Float or Integer properties.

When using definition of PropertyValue for a specific object (without using PVMT), the property values are associated only for the element where the property has been defined. In addition, as far as I know, there is no possibility to define units on such properties.


It is possible to export to a text file (.vpd) property values definition defined within PVMT configuration editor and import it in a new project.

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