PVMT AddOn Problem


Actually, I encountered the same issue, but in a Mac OS environment. So I thought it was because of that.
It occurs that removing the VPMS add-on (modes and states) from my environment has solved the problem.
Could you try in a clean environment?

Yes, in a clean environment PVMT is working.

  • Installing vpms in dropin => PVMT is still working :-o
    Is it depending on the order of the plugins installed?
  • Deleting PVMT
  • ReInstalling PVMT => PVMT is still working :-o
  • clean install Capella 1.2.1, start capella, ok
  • install vpms, start capella, ok
  • install PVMT, start capella, ok
  • open Viewpoint Manager to reference vpms => error :frowning:
  • “click” into the PV Definition Editor => error :frowning:
    So there seems to be a problem with the combination of vpms and PVMT especially when vpms was installed first…

Thank you for your tests. The development teams will investigate (we are aware of at least one project in Thales who will need these two add-ons to work properly together in Capella 1.2.x

Hey, so this issue is tracked here:
ticket 2285
As a workaround, can you try to close the “Viewpoint Manager View” when working with the PVMT addon?

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