Selecting a Physical Part or Interface, using the left mouse button to activate menu brings up the option of creating a Property. A useful object, in that in car hold nominal and range for a float characteristic, say output kilowatts of a generator. However, it never attaches. It will not link. It will not do anything as far as I can determine, except in a Class (pure software modeling on a motor is useless). Friends, let’s see if we can fix this. Either declare in the documentation that it only attaches to a Class OR, take it off the menu choice OR better BOTH. This feature to no where burned up a good two weeks of effort that led to zero results.

You can do the modelling on the motor if you use the proper IDE. For setup properties and IDE selection go to Siemens Repair Center . Thanks.

You could create an Additional Property or Additional Property group, and then ‘attach’ it to your modeling element in the ‘Extensions’ tab of the element’s metadata. You can also display this in a diagram by brining up the Additional Property of Additional Property Group from the Common palette and associating it to the element if it is displayed in the diagram.
You can also extend the properties by using the PVMT add-on tool: see

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