Project Migration


Is there a process explained somewhere on how to migrate a Capella project from a version to another (on my side from 5.1 to 6) ? And if there is specific tasks to do with git, or any add-ons installed, in order to be sure to not lose information

Edgar Sevestre

I think the best is to follow the instruction from here: capella/How to install Capella and Addons.mediawiki at master · eclipse/capella · GitHub

What are the add-ons you are using?

Thank you I will follow these instructions.

I am using :
System To Subsystem Transition
+our models are versionned with git

I would say that the main risks for migrating the models are related to PVMT. Once you’ve migrated, please check that your PVMT model/date is working correctly.
You may have to check if your m2Doc templates or your Python scripts are all still working, as there may have been some changes in the Capella data model between the 2 Capella versions.

Ok very clear, thank you a lot !
I will check these focus points when I will migrate my models.
Thank you,