Problem with viewpoint compatibility (Basic performance and quality assessment)

I would like to use Basic performance and Quality Assessment (tutorial available on Youtube) viewpoints at the same time on a PAB diagram, but it seems there are some incompatibilities between these two viewpoints.
(you’ll find attached illustrations of these viewpoints)
When the two viewpoints are active :

  • It is not possible to add a quality assessment element : when the quality assessment element is selected on the palette, it is impossible to add it on a node
  • Existing quality assessment elements disappear (elements added when performance viewpoint was disabled from the diagram). Performance viewpoints elements stay visible. (see picture)
    I also customized the viewpoint quality assessment so that I can add several bordered nodes on a quality assessment node. This time, when the two viewpoints are active on the diagram, all functions disappear and viewpoints elements (performance and quality assessment) stay visible.
    Has someone a solution for this issue ?
    Thanks for your help,
    Best regards,

Hello Lisa,
Yes, I confirm there is an incompatibility between those viewpoints.
Issue comes from representation extansion mechanism. Multiple extansions is supported but will depend on the kind of extension.
For instance, OK to add optional layers -> each contributed layer is cumulated.
By contrast, KO for several extension customizing the style of
the same mapping -> First come first served
To manage such case, we have introduced in Sirius a new feature of ‘Decoration Description’, made for composability.
See (Added control over displaying decorations) and
https:// decorations.
In other words, a solution would be to patch these points of view.
Best regards,

Hello Samuel,
Many thanks for your reply.
I don’t understand why these two viewpoints customize the style of the same mapping : basic performance extends functions and quality assessment extends physical component. Is it because functions are displayed on physical components ?
By patching these viewpoints, do you mean to develop a single viewpoint that would allow displaying all the information with one single layer activated on a diagram ?
Best regards,

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