Problem installing PVMT 45.5 in Capella 1.4.1

Hi all,

I have a problem when installing the PVMT add-on in Capella 1.4.1. I have downloaded the lates version of PVMT (45.5).

When trying to install several of the modules are not being installed because they have missing dependencies. The modules which don’t install are

PVMT CDO feature
PVMT CDO Feature developer resources
PVMT Contextualexplorer extensionFeature
PVMT Contextualexplorer extensionFeature Developer Resources

The missing resources are:

Is anyone experiencing the same issue? And how can I resolve this?

I have attached two screenshots showing the issue in Capella.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.



I think there is no PVMT release available yet for Capella 1.4.x

I can confirm you that PVMT + Diagram Styler works on Capella 1.4.2.


Mentionned issues are not really ‘errors’ but indicate that some features will not be installed in your Capella.

The first one is useful when you use PVMT with Team for Capella, the collaborative edition of models extension.

The second one is an alternative to the Semantic Browser view that you can install in Capella but it doesn’t prevent PVMT to be used in Capella without it.


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