Problem: FE computed representation in a SAB

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We have a problem regarding computed representation of functional exchanges in a SAB.
We illustrate the issue in a sample capella project with 2 parent functions SF1 & SF2.
Each one are decomposed in 2 leaf functions (respectively SF11, SF12 & SF21,SF22).
The problem occurs when some of the leaf functions are stored in a System Function Package below the parent function (see SF_Model picture): in this case, as example, the FE2 is not represented by computation in the SAB Overview.

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Hi. In Capella 5.1, problem arises only when source functions (SF11 or SF12) are inside the Package SF1_Pkg. This will need to be checked.

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Hi Juan, thanks for the answer. As we structured our numerous functions in packages for more visibility/understanding in the model, it could be nice to solve this issue in a next Capella version. BTW, the problem was also present in Capella 1.4.2 as well.

the issue is open in the capella bug tracker

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