Prevent automatic unhiding of hidden exchanges when switching between Categories/Functional Exchanges


I have a very complex diagram containing many functional exchanges and categories which has taken hours to clean-up. In the process of clean-up I have selected many of the functional exchanges and categories to be hidden in order to only display the relevant ones.

When I now attempt to switch even a single one of the visible categories back to functional exchange in order to make some adjustments, Capella automatically (and annoyingly) unhides all of the hidden functional exchanges and categories again, resulting in a completely cluttered diagram that makes it almost impossible to select the relevant visible ones in order to clean it up again. This subsequently results in hours of acrobatics to get the diagram back to its former state, until I decide to change one of the visible categories/functional exchanges again, at which point the clean up process has to start all over again…

What to do?? This is very annoying and time consuming to say the least. Please help. A setting of some sort I can try perhaps?


Hi Estian,
I am not answering directly your question and maybe someone can help you with your question, but I just have a suggestion: sometimes it can be useful to clone a complex diagram in multiple diagrams that displays subsets of the architecture based on specific focuses, and spend time layouting these smaller diagrams. Not sure it applies to your case though…

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Thanks Stephane.

All I really need to establish is whether there is a way to stop Capella from unhiding any hidden diagram elements when switching between categories/functional exchanges using the palette, as this is uneccesary and annoying even for the smaller diagrams.

Hopefully there is someone out there who shares the same sentiment and has the solution.

Can you perhaps refer this?

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