Placing Requirements onto Capella Diagrams

I’m currently attempting to get understanding of the correct way to add requirements elements onto Capella diagrams. In the future, our plan is to import requirements via ReqIF from our RM tool (PTC Integrity), but for now I would like to do learning on working with the requirements inside Capella itself. The Capella Help information is basically minimal except for the Help guide that is installed with the Requirements Viewpoint. Right now I find I can’t get a requirement to display on a diagram for some reason. I understand the legacy Requirements Package will be removed from Capella in the future but it should still work for the basic operation of adding a Requirement onto a diagram, correct?
Here is the process I’ve attempted so far:
I created a Requirements Package (under Operational Analysis), then add a new Requirement Object within the package, made certain to activate requirements (from Capella Requirements Viewpoint Manager), and finally select enable for Requirements Layers for the specific diagram. After following these steps, I think it should possible to drag the requirement object from the Project Explorer (added inside a Requirement Package) onto the diagram (or select it via the Requirements Tool from the diagram Palette), but this doesn’t work for me. From the Palette tool, the Requirements wizard doesn’t show the Requirement element I had created so it’s not possible to transfer it over.
What step(s) am I missing? Any further help would be greatly appreciated!
Additional information: Using Capella version 1.2.1

Hi Scott,
First point, you may not use the old/legacy requirement data model from Capella but the one coming from the Requirement add-on.
Second point: in general, the Requirement ViewPoint is easier to use if you actually import requirements from an external tool as the requirement structure get automatically populated. Nevertheless, you should be able to have it working for your example. I recall trying to do the same thing as you, and I believe that the thing you are missing is that you need to first create the link between your requirement and your model element, and “type” the relation between your model element and your requirement. Anyway let me have a try on my end and get back to you with a more detailed step by step explanation.

Hi Stephane,
Thanks for the quick feedback. So if I understand correctly, the requirement elements added under the legacy Requirements Package are not compatible with placing onto model diagrams? Instead, requirement elements created on ReqIF import (via Requirements ViewPoint) are the ones that were compatible to bring onto the diagrams. After watching again the Capella vs SysML webinar video, I had suspected that could be the situation. Do you know if there is a way to create “dummy” requirements elements inside Capella? At this time we are behind schedule to get these requirements populated automatically from an actual ReqIF file from the RM tool. Thus today I started exploring if I could use some interim tool to create a sample ReqIF file to use to provide the “dummy” requirements.

Hi Scott,
Yes, I believe that you were still using the old Capella Requirement data model which explains why this was not working.
Please find below the instructions that should work for you:
1 - Install Capella 1.2.1 and the Requirements Add-on
2 - Create a Capella project
3- Activate the Requirements viewpoint (see Requirements documentation at entry “ViewPoint Manager”)
4 - Right-Click on your Operational Analysis package and create a Capella Module
5 - Right-click on your Capella Module and Create a Requirement
6 - Create a new Diagram (Operational Activity for instance) and add an Operational Activity
7 - Check that the Requirement Layer is activated (you should have a Requirements section in your tool Palette on the right)
8 - Choose the Requirements tool on the Palette and click on a blank part of your diagram. A popup will appear, move your requirement from left to right and click OK. Your requirement should be displayed on your diagram.
9 - Choose the “Requirement Link” tool on the Palette and click and create a link from your Requirement to your Operational Activity (or the other way round), the link is created
Note that the embedded Requirements Viewpoint documentation give more information on other features like creating Requirement types and Requirement Link types

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Hi Stephane,
The above steps worked just as you explained. Many thanks for the support. This has also helped me better understand the Reqmts Viewpoint help document which I had read but wasn’t fully understanding the things like defining the types and relations.

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Great news, thanks !