Physical link and requirements

I would like to see my requirements allocatted to the physical links specially in the EPBS :
When I generate the documentation, our team has as priority the configuration items represented by EBPS in Capella.
The problem is that the documentation can’t show requirements that trace physical link, but on the other hand we can see requirements that trace components.
To be sure that I was correct in my modeling way, i did the same things to IFE_Sample_Model, in the end it was the same result.
Allocating requirements to physical links :
Elements that i wish see requirments that trace it :
The view when i click on Gigabit Ethernet :
I want to bring out the relationship (requirements - physical link) with the functionalities available in this version of Capella and i want to now if the future versions will take into the count this smodeling need.

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