Physical Architeture

Hello everyone,
I have a question with regards to the use of Library projects in capella (I’m using v1.3.0 on a Windows . I was working on a project, and then I thought that it would a good idea to have some of the model elements in a library, so that I could reuse them in other projects. I created a Library project and copy-pasted those elements (in particular, Physical architecture). They showed up automatically on all the other projects that reference that library, on the Project Explorer. However, if I create a pab in one of those projects and try to drag-drop those PCs from the Library, they don’t appear on the diagram. Is it a bug, or am I using libraries in the wrong way?
I was wondering also about the use of REC/RPL in libraries. Should all library elements be RECs, and then just add a RPL on those projects that reference them? Or is it fine to use directly elements of the library, without the REC/RPL feature?

Hello Saad,
You can directly display an element from a library only if it is something related to interface or data definition (Interface, Exchange Item, Class, Physical Quantity, Unit…).
For all the other types of elements (components, functions…), you need to instantiate them in the project using the REC / RPL mechanism.
If you need guidance using REC / RPL, here is a video showing how to use it :

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