Permanent link to "Help Contents" index page

When I access the Capella Help Contents from the menu Help > Help Contents it opens in a web browser as expected with this location Help - Capella image
If I close the main Capella program but want to continue reading the help file in the browser, the link no longer works and the contents are no longer viewable.
If I reopen Capella and open the Help Contents again from the Help menu, these are displayed again in the browser BUT with a different address Help - Capella image
The problem is if I was at a certain page in the Help Contents I cannot copy a link to that page e.g. to reference in notes or share the link with a colleague because when they open their Capella Help they will most likely have a different web address of their instance of Help Contents.

I have not seen this kind of behaviour before in other software products help documentation and maybe I am missing something so excuse my ignorance of the reasons why this may be intentionally done this way.

What I would expect is:

  1. To have access to one “permanent” Help Contents index page web address
  2. To be able to continue to browse the Help Contents even if Capella main program is closed
  3. To be able to copy URL of a Help Contents page without fear of it being different each time Capella is opened.

Can the Help content behaviour be configured to address the above expectations? Any thoughts?

If it helps, I’m running:
Capella 5.2
Windows 10
Microsoft Edge

I don’t have the solution on this one but as a workaround you may use the online help:


Thank you Stephane for this suggested workaround.

To set a predefined port, you will need to modify the capella.ini to add -Dserver_port=xxx

How do I set what port Eclipse uses for local help server? - Stack Overflow