Pattern developement & integration in Capella

I’m actually working on ways to make and keep a common catalogue of elements in Capella. I was considering using REC-RPLs or Patterns to do so and both functionnalities have their own qualities and defects.
But one of the key question with Patterns is to know if we can rely on them. Because as REC-RPLs are made for Capella we are confident it will not be deprecated and the other way around it will even be improve. But as Patterns are not developped by Capella developpement team we don’t even know if it is still supported, if there are plans for future and even if Capella team will not decide to remove it from Capella.
So if anybody has any information about Patterns developpement and/or the will of Capella developpement team to keep them in Capella or not in future updates, you are very welcome to answer this post.

checking up if anyone has some news.

do someone has any information ?

Sorry for the late reply. The Patterns mechanism targets more advanced usages of data manipulation; as such it has had much fewer users than the REC/RPL mechanism, up to now. So unless strong needs on Patterns usage emerge, the maintenance/improvement focus will be more on the REC/RPL mechanism. That said Patterns are still being maintained, but they might end up in an add-on some day.

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